Rachel Reception Hall

The History


The Journey Begins

Since 2009 We Have Always Loved To Help Our People To Plan Amazing Memories And Get Together, We Have The Vision And Vibes To Make Any Night Wonderful And Eventful.


We Found It

We Found What Is Rachel Reception Hall, A Beautiful Event Room For All Types Of Celebrations, We Even Offer Dance Classes So Your Guest's Of The Night Can Be Entertain.


And Now

We Are Celebrating Our 2 Year Old Establishment Found, And We Would Love To Help You Make Your Dream Event Come True. With Over 10 YEARS Of Experience Helping Our People Plan And Execute Your Perfect Party, You Will Always Be Satisfied. Please Call Us Now For More Information, We Always Make It Affordable And Make You Feel Like A Million Dollars.


Call Us Now!

At Rachels Reception Hall, We Will Always Take Care Of You.

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